Electronic Health Economics Colloquium (EHEC)

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The Electronic Health Economics Colloquium (EHEC) is a bi-weekly online health economics seminar series. The goals of EHEC are to share high-quality, new health economics research on a platform that is freely available; maintain and improve communication among health economists during a time of social distancing; and to promote equity in health economics research.


All seminars meet at 2:30 PM EDT 1:30 PM CDT 11:30 AM PDT.

Date: 4-Nov-20
Presenter: Hannes Ullrich
Moderator: Jonathan Kolstad
2:30 PM EDT "Machine predictions and human decisions with variation in payoffs and skill"
Date: 18-Nov-20
Presenter: Nicholas Tilipman
Moderator: Sebastian Tello-Trillo
2:30 PM EDT "Disagreement Payoffs and Negotiated Prices: Evidence from Out-of-Network Hospital Payments"
Date: 2-Dec-20
Presenter: Sarah S. Stith
Moderator: Sayeh Nikpay
2:30 PM EDT "Does Increasing Access-to-Care Delay Accessing of Care? Evidence from Kidney Transplantation"
Date: 16-Dec-20
Presenter: Lina Song
Moderator: Yaa Akosa Antwi
2:30 PM EDT "The Impact of Vertical Integration on Physician Behavior and Healthcare Delivery: Evidence from Gastroenterology Practices"

Support or Contact

Contact EHEC by emailing fr4523 (at) or by Twitter @HlthEconSeminar.